PACT Nail Fungus Photodynamic Therapy

PACT® stands for Photodynamic Antimicrobial Therapy, a scientific approach that utilises a specific blue dye to heighten the sensitivity of fungal cells to light at a specific wavelength. When the affected toenail is exposed to this light, the activated blue dye efficiently eliminates fungal cells in a brief period. Fungal cells, situated within the nail plate, are typically less responsive and more challenging to access than other organisms. PACT therapy, however, is designed to target the infection without causing harm to the skin. As a result, it offers a fast, safe, and painless treatment for fungal toenails.

How does it work?

PACT® employs photochemical reactions through the interplay of photosensitising agents, light, and oxygen.

When subjected to a particular wavelength of light emitted by PACT®, the PACT Fungal Nail Gel is activated by the UV light. The blue gel releases energy, generating oxygen-free radicals. These reactive oxygen species cause the demise of fungal cells without impacting the adjacent tissue of the nail bed.

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