Children's Podiatry

Why is Children's Podiatry needed? the foundation of stability and lower leg mechanics lies in the feet of children. As kids undergo growth, they may encounter various foot issues impacting lower leg mechanics. Some of these issues are typical and will naturally resolve over time, but others necessitate early treatment for optimal results.

Paediatric podiatrists can help identify and manage issues related to bone growth, muscle development and gait patterns.

Common children’s foot problems:

  • Bow legs (Genu varum)

  • Flat feet (Pes planus)

  • Growing pains

  • In-toeing/Out-toeing

  • Knock knees (Genu valgum)

  • Osgood-Schlatter disease

  • Sever’s disease

  • Sports injuries

  • Warts

Put your best foot forward.

Making a booking with one of our professional podiatrists, who deal solely with the feet and lower limbs, is a great first step to long term foot health.