My Aged Care

Home Care Packages (HCP) are programs funded by the Australian government to support individuals who wish to remain living in their own homes as they age. These packages are tailored to meet the specific care needs of the recipients, and podiatry services are often included to address foot health.

HCP Consultation

In-clinic podiatry services aim to promote and maintain the overall well-being of individuals by addressing various foot-related concerns, including:

Foot Health Assessments:
Podiatrists conduct thorough assessments to identify any existing or potential foot issues, considering factors such as mobility, circulation, and the presence of chronic conditions.

Nail and Skin Care:
Trimming toenails, managing calluses, corns, and addressing fungal infections to prevent complications.

Orthotic Assessments:
Evaluating the need for and providing custom orthotic devices to enhance foot support and alleviate pain or discomfort.

Fall Prevention:
Identifying and addressing factors that may contribute to an increased risk of falls, such as gait abnormalities or inappropriate footwear.

HCP Home Visit

Foot Wellbeing offers HCP home visit service, allowing HCP recipients to uphold excellent foot health conveniently in their home or at hospitals and nursing homes. Our skilled and experienced podiatrists are dedicated to delivering uninterrupted, high-quality foot care tailored to your needs.

Specifically designed for the elderly, individuals with disabilities, or those facing travel limitations to local clinics, our mobile podiatry services are geared towards providing top-notch foot care for the well-being of our local community members.

HCP Funded Footwear

The funded footwear may be prescribed by a podiatrist to address specific foot conditions or to provide necessary support for individuals with mobility challenges.

Steps for HCP funded footwear:

Scheduling & Assessment

Contact us at 03 9931 1385 to schedule your initial footwear assessment. A qualified podiatrist at Foot Wellbeing will meticulously assess and measure your feet and gait during this appointment.


A recommendation letter will be forwarded to the case manager to secure funding and request approval for the provision of footwear.

Fitting & Review

You will receive fitting for your podiatrist-approved footwear. Following the acquisition of your footwear, your podiatrist will conduct a reassessment to ensure proper fit and comfort.

Put your best foot forward.

Making a booking with one of our professional podiatrists, who deal solely with the feet and lower limbs, is a great first step to long term foot health.