Meet Our Team

Zoe Do Podiatrist

Zoe Do


Zoe graduated from La Trobe University with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Podiatric Practice. As the director of Foot Wellbeing, she brings a wealth of experience to her role. Prior to establishing her own practice, Zoe dedicated seven years to First Choice Allied Health, excelling in both administrative and podiatry capacities.

In addition to her academic achievements and professional experience, Zoe has also obtained accreditation in Dry Needling, Shockwave therapy, and Electrotherapy.

Zoe has developed an interest in all aspects of podiatric care in particular nail surgery and musculoskeletal injuries. She enjoys working with people of all ages to achieve their goals and continue to enjoy an active life. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and spending time with her little Loki and family.

Debora Mendes

Massage Therapist

Meet Debora Brites Mendes, our passionate massage therapist!

She is your key to wellness, with a Diploma in Remedial Massage from Victoria University. Debora's dedication and years of experience since 2017 ensure top-notch care for all ages' musculoskeletal needs. She is passionate about helping clients of all ages achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

When she's not at work, you'll find her hiking and running, embodying the active lifestyle she promotes.

Debora Mendes Massage Therapist

Paresh Manore Massage Therapist

Paresh Manore

Massage Therapist

Meet Paresh Manore, a highly skilled and qualified massage therapist!

Paresh embarked on his wellness journey by earning a Diploma in Remedial Massage at the Sage Institute of Massage in Melbourne. His pursuit of knowledge led him to achieve a Master's in Alternative Medicines (MD AM) and a Master's in Psychotherapy and Counselling (MPC), in addition to a Diploma in Neurotherapy (NT) from India.

In his clinical practice, Paresh demonstrates a sharp focus on therapeutic remedial techniques, including deep tissue massage, joint mobilization, trigger point therapy, myofascial release (MFR), muscle energy technique (MET), position release technique (PRT), dry needling, cupping, and hot stone massage, among others. His expertise extends to addressing issues like headaches, anxiety, stress, and sleep disorders through Craniosacral therapy.

Beyond his professional life, Paresh indulges in personal interests such as cricket, literature, cinema, and staying well-informed about global affairs.

Ivy Nguyen


Ivy takes pride in serving as the first point of contact for all aspects related to podiatry and remedial massage services. Going beyond administrative duties, Ivy is dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere. Feel confident in relying on her for assistance with our services, scheduling appointments, handling paperwork, processing payments, and addressing any inquiries you may have.

Ivy Nguyen Administrator

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